Why do we exist?

We are a team of Black investors seeking to amplify the wealth of Black families using home ownership as a catalyst.

Our platform seeks to connect with White co-conspirators to inject seed funding via our LLC for the purchase of both rental property and homes.

Finally, we seek to build financial literacy through using the causeway of a rent-to-own model.

Strategic Goals

Build Generational Black Wealth

Build Financial Literacy

Acquire income generating rental property / prepare Black renters for home ownership

Transfer of Wealth

White Co‑Conspirators

Madison Roots LLC

Black Generational Wealth

The Team

Hands holding a paper cut out of a home

Vanessa McDowell

Vanessa is a lifelong Madison resident who has a passion to see the community that she grew up in be the best that it can be. She has a passion for developing generational wealth within the Black community through home ownership.

Hands holding a paper cut out of a home

Kamal Calloway

Kamal is a transplant to Madison, WI and has resided here since 2012. He has a passion for financial literacy and helping Black families build wealth through solid financial principles.

Call to Action